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We will typically respond to your request within 24 hours. This time will vary depending on the product and how clear the images are. We will request more images if required. For more immediate solutions, please contact us here.


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Tiffany & Co.




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For legitimate designer brands, Authentic Detective is on an everlasting quest to fight fakes and counterfeits. For over 30 years, our authentication team has acquired critical knowledge and information about luxury brands in order to identify whether the product is legitimate or not. We have been countlessly recognized as the best and most trusted leader in authentication. Authentic Detective is not affiliated with any brands that are authenticated. The opinions rendered at Authentic Detective are based on several years of experience by our highly rated team. For more details and information please note the Terms of Use, Section 11, Disputes with Authentic Detective LLC. Although our certificate of authenticity will greatly help your chances with third party disputes, they may have guidelines of their own and we can not guarantee a particular outcome.